What Is An Impact Driver?

You are probably familiar with the great uses and advantages of using a handheld drill. It is powerful and easy-to-use tool that makes holes in various materials like wood, steel, non-ferrous metals, concrete, drywall, plastics and many more. It can make holes with precise shapes to accept any sizes of machine screws. It can drive any number of fasteners from any types of screws, whether they be of wood, drywall or concrete type. Not only that such type of drills make specialized holes for pocket screws, it drives the screws themselves, which would make you closer to become a furniture maker.

There are a number of types of handheld drills that are used by professionals, and by regular people as well. One of them is what we call the impact driver.

All About Impact Drivers

Impact drivers are high-torque types of handheld drills that are primarily used for driving screws and tightening nuts. These tools deliver a strong, sudden rotational force and forward thrust when struck on the back with a hammer. These are often used by mechanics to loosen larger screws, or bolts, and nuts that are corrosively over-torqued. The direction of using an impact driver can also be reversed for situations where screws have to be tightened with torque greater than a regular screwdriver can provide.

Impact drivers are lighter and smaller than other drill drivers, and although they are not as versatile, they will perform many of the same functions. Since the torque output is higher than any typical drill driver, they get through any work more quickly than others.

Get Your Own Impact Drivers

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