When A Hand Saw Is A Better Choice Than Power Tools

Hand saws and power tools are beneficial tools during woodworking projects and other types of work. Some would prefer hand saws; some would prefer power tools, while others would like to have both.

There are several advantages to both types of tool. But some would still prefer the hand saw rather than power tools. Are they really better than power tools? Which of them is a better choice? Let’s find out why.

Hand saws are perfect for extra small and intricate details

You can do small detailed jobs on power tools but not as good as hand saws. It’s like having your personal touch on the material. It may not be as fast as power tools, but you get the right smoothness on the surface and the right edge that you want.

You get the best control on hand saws

One of the best things that a hand saw can offer is control. And when you have reasonable control, you have the freedom. That is why most woodworkers would prefer hand saws because of the freedom and control they can have.

It gives more excitement

Hand saws make the job more exciting and adventurous for woodworkers. The personal touch is there, and the best way to become more creative is also there. That is why they would prefer it aside from having the power tools that we now have today.

Creativity is limitless As we have mentioned above, there is creativity in hand tools like the hand saws. They are, in fact, created for that. You can create different styles and designs with hand tools. The reason for that is that there are types of wood that require slower and gradual sawing so they won’t break or crack. Power tools are also handy by the way, but only if you want to keep your work at a faster pace.