Work Has Started On The One Pearl Bank Enbloc Project

Living a luxurious life can be considered as everybody’s dream. After all, who wouldn’t want to live in a place that not only teems with the latest technology but also with the facilities that anyone dreams about, right?

Good thing in Singapore, developers are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to develop or even redevelop a certain area and turn it into a residential area. Though the resulting new condominium might come with a price, at least the area’s been renovated and improved to suit modern living.

If you’re planning to live somewhere in District two but not sacrificing quality and convenience, perhaps you can take a look at one pearl bank enbloc. Previously known as the Pearl Apartments, this condominium’s bound to have a facelift as Capitaland, its developer, has everything planned out to turn it into Singapore’s premier luxury condo.

Though this project’s expected to be completed in 2023, work has already begun as early as this year. Take a look at some of the latest developments for One Pearl Bank.

  • New designs for the new One Pearl Bank are all ready for implementation.
  • Residents of the Pearl Bank Apartments have already moved out to make way for construction phase.
  • Construction of the condo’s structure has already begun.
  • Designs came from two of the world’s best architects – Multiply Architects (Singapore) and Serie Architects (London)
  • Design of the condo features the following:
  1. Two curving 39-storey towers, both towers 178 meters tall
  2. Two towers are then connected with sky bridges at the roof part

After all the construction’s work done, one can expect this luxury condo to be the tallest residential building in the Outram-Chinatown area. Thus, its lucky residents would get unhindered views from CBD down to Sentosa.

So, if you’re looking forward to living a luxurious and comfortable life in the center of the city, then give the developers a call now to schedule your site trip.