Can You Use A Wood Fireplace With The Damper Partly Closed?

Most homes nowadays have many heating appliances in place but did you know that the good old fire is still in the rage?
According to many homeowners even if there are now many heating appliances in the markets available today the natural heat from a fire is still the best way to fight off the cold during the rainy and winter seasons.

This is why even home appliances have been modernized you can still find many wood burning fireplace (vedovn) still in many houses. Aside from the heat that it provides, it can also provide an aesthetic touch the room and the house in general. It can also be used as a focal point of the room where it is situated.

How does this work?
Basically, this works by burning wood fuel such as logs in the fireplace. They are not generally movable since it is usually made up of bricks or even steel which has been connected to walls. Connected to the main fireplace is the damper. This is where the smoke from burning the wood fuel goes through and goes outside the home usually through a chimney. Aside from it also functions as an air controller wherein a person can control the amount of air that goes the chimney. By controlling the air flow you can control the fire efficiently as well as the heat.

Should the damper be closed?
One thing that you have to remember when burning wood fuel in a fireplace is that if the fire is still burning you must not close the damper all the way. If you close the damper when there is still fire you are not actually preserving heat and at the same time you are not allowing the smoke to leave the home and it can go inside it instead.