How To Choose The Best Red Light Therapy Device

As the research advances overtime, more and more discoveries and innovations in medical science are being created or improved. Some took years of studies after the actual discovery. One particular thing, and maybe unknown to the people or health practitioners is the use of the Red Light Therapy (RLT) not just for pain relief but in beauty and wellness.

In The Light Of Red Light Therapy
After scientists discovered that the light emitted by the red LEDs could promote cell growth in plants and encourage photosynthesis, scientists took it to the next step if it could help in medical science.Soon, it was discovered that RLT was able to heal skin problems and certain health conditions.

For sure, some experts will always ask,“How does it work?” since it is relatively new in the medical field. The answer lies in the biochemical effect of the light to the mitochondria. Compared to lasers or pulsed light therapies, it doesn’t harm the skin making it a great alternative.

Red Light Therapy Devices Available Now
Today, there are lots of red light therapy devices on the market available. Depending on the problem that the patient wants to address, here are the newly developed products that use the RLT treatment:

  • Laser Hair Growth System. It’s a device exclusive for hair regrowth.This red light technology stimulates the growth of hair by encouraging the energy absorbed by the hair follicles.
  • Red Light Device for Pain Relief. A device that gives immediate pain relief. Just shine the light on the targeted area.
  • Red Light Mat. With the use of natural amethysts or jades that releases ions and infrared lights when heated, it could improve skin conditions, relieves muscle tension, encourages blood flow, reduces fatigues and increases oxygen flow to the brain. These are just some of the health benefits of the mat.
  • Wearable Wrap for Back Pains. It penetrates the tissues to ease the lower back pain. It could also ease joint pains, arthritis and elbows and knees.
  • Red Light Therapy for the Face. Promotes collagen build up for the skin.