Skin Tag On Your Eyelid? Here’s What To Do

Skin tags might be small but it sure can affect one’s looks and feeling of comfort. This is especially true if it grows in areas that make it very visible such as the face. Even more so if it can be found on the eyelids. In this case, it can be uncomfortable because it creates a slight friction when one opens or closes the eyes. Having it removed can be a good step to make.

Skin Tags? Away You Go!
There are several ways to get rid of skin tags. The methods might have to depend on where it can be found. An example is how to remove a skin tag from eyelid. This area is more sensitive so removal process can be tricky. It can be done by going to the doctor but it will cost more. There are also other options but there are things to consider when choosing how to remove it.

Factors to Consider
The first thing to check is the size of the skin tag. Smaller ones will be easier to remove while more effort will have to be done with the bigger ones. It should also be noted that there is a need to be more careful because of its proximity to the eyes. Doing it alone might be a challenge but it can be done. Before actually doing it, one has to make sure that to prepare the cream, formula or whatever will be used to remove the skin tags. The hands and device, if any, should be cleaned well and sterilized. The eyelid should also be wiped clean before the skin tag removal formulation is placed. If tea tree oil, cream, or any other formulation is used, it will usually have to be applied for several minutes, then wiped clean again and repeated two to three times daily until the skin tag is gone.